Why Should We Go Organic?

In recent times there has been an increase in awareness of the production process behind the food that reaches our plates. Even though agriculture was the world’s first occupation, mankind in its pursuit for other things had lost its connection with agriculture. But now there is awareness in this field and many people are ‘going organic’. So, what does it mean to ‘go organic’? ‘Going organic’ is the practise where farmers use organic fertilisers to produce their crops and consumers choose to buy such products for their consumption. They refrain from using chemical based pesticides and fertilisers and rely on age old farming techniques. Instead of fertilisers, they use compost and kitchen scraps. By using methods like companion planting it is possible to maintain pest control and ensure a good yield.

‘Going Organic’ has many benefits for producers as well as consumers. For centuries, farmers have been growing food the natural way. They used natural fertilizers to nourish their crops. When the demand for food increased man turned to chemical fertilizers to increase yield. Things took a dangerous turn when farmers started to use chemical pesticides to protect their plants from pests. This did guarantee a great harvest but the people for whom the food was meant got poisoned food instead. The residue of chemicals in cooked food harmed the society and even had implications on the genetic makeup. The most important advantage is that organic food is safe. It is food that has been created using the age old safe methods of our ancestors.

Food that is grown organically is more nutritious. It has been found that organic foods contain a higher content of Vitamin C and dry matter. The mineral content is also higher in organic foods than non-organic foods. It has also been found that food that is grown organically has a higher content of antioxidants and health enhancing compounds than the food produced using pesticides. This is very important because the main reason why a human being has food is not to suppress hunger. Hunger is only a signal that is sent by the body when it requires nourishment. When we eat food what our body needs is nourishment and it has been scientifically proven that organic food is more healthy and nourishing.

There is also a repercussion on the environment. An organic farmer does not interfere with the process of nature. He merely enhances it. The earth is allowed to carry out the process of sustaining life. When pesticides are sprayed onto crops it poisons the environment. The pests may die but the chemicals will get absorbed into the soil and also may percolate into the water table where it will cause pollution. Organic farming keeps the soil fertile and ensures that the soil remains fertile for the next crop as well. It is very important for mankind to realise that agriculture will not sustain life and nourish it if the produce is chemically enhanced. It is time for mankind to ‘Go Organic’ and protect itself and the environment.

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