Keeping Bad Bugs Out Of Your Organic Gardening

It can take as little as 2 hours for insects to destroy your plants and all your hard work. You don't need any annoying pests wreaking havoc on your plants after you've spent hours of your time and toil planting out your garden.

If you try to avoid this problem by not allowing the bad bugs to take over your garden from the start, you create other ones. A large proportion of the chemicals used in the readily available pesticides are toxic to small children and pets.

Small children and pets can have their future health jeopardized by the use of some pesticides. Also these chemicals don't discriminate, they will get rid of all your garden pests - even the ones that are beneficial to your plants and you would want to keep.

The bugs that can be your best defense against the pests that want to damage your crops need to be allowed in, not killed off with the rest by indiscriminate spraying of chemicals. These gardeners friends, such as spiders and ladybugs, will help you by repelling or eating the bad guys.

You should find out from your local nursery what plants attract these helpful insects so that you can plant them to encourage the good pests to take up residence and keep the damaging ones out.

There are some plants with a scent that repels the bad bugs and others that they just don't like. If you want a healthy harvest of tomatoes, you can plant the herb borage among them or even marigolds, these will stop the pests from damaging your fruit.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your garden neat and tidy. The harmful pests are often attracted to piles of leaves, debris, grass cuttings and dense spots of weeds. Many of the bad pests can thrive in those areas, so weed your garden regularly and clean up any leaves and grass cuttings that find their way into your garden.

Using organic methods has the advantage of controlling the insect pests by simple means like using a hot pepper spray on your crops. This will repel most native animal pests as well as insects with it's hot spicy aroma.

The wax solution is safe for your plants and doesn't affect the produce at all, so don't worry about "spicing" up your vegetables. As long as you properly clean them before consuming them, you won't notice any residue.

There's nothing worse than seeing all your hard work amount to nothing at any time and it's no different for gardeners. Don't allow all your time and effort to go to waste by not doing anything to get rid of these insect pests.

So before planting your garden, do your research and find the best companion plants to repel the annoying pests and the ones that invite the good insects in according to your geographic location.

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