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Several ways to make your garden more pleasant

Make a note of what you like and dislike about your current garden

Grab a notepad and write down all things that you like and dislike about your garden, maybe you would like there to be more plants, or you may even want to add a pond or water feature. Also make a note of how much work you think will be involved with everything that you want to change. By doing this, you will give yourself an idea as to how much work will need to be done, and whether or not it’s a realistic expectation.

To create a look that is truly unique, take a look around your local vintage store for unusual items to grow your plants in. Sometimes it’s the unusual things that give a garden its charm! If you want to play things safe, the majority of Garden centres will have a wide range of traditional terracotta pots. If it’s a more contemporary look you’re after, galvanized steel pots can look terrific against steel chippings. Be careful not to overcrowd your garden, nature should be the main attraction! Any accessories should lead the eye from the indoors to out. Just as you would when choosing accessories for the inside of your home, make sure whatever you choose complements your gardens theme.

Fix your fence
A fence that is in good condition will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but it will also keep unwanted intruders and pets out.  Wooden fences are very vulnerable to nature’s harsh treatment, especially rotting. This is why you should always use the most rot-resistant lumber when repairing your fence. If your fence isn’t in a fixable state, it’s definitely worth buying a new one. If you do invest in a new fence, make sure that you inspect it at least once a year. As soon as you identify a problem, fix it before the damage has chance to spread. One weak or rotten post can bring down an entire fence.

Trim trees and bushes
Trimming your trees and bushes can have a significant impact on your gardens appearance. Not only does it make them fit in nicely with the rest of your garden, but it also encourages new blooms on flowering bushes.  If you do trim your bushes, this should be done in the winter or fall, when most trees are dormant. Flowering bushes should be pruned every spring, just after they bloom to ensure new growth. Trees and bushes are two of the most dominant features in a garden, so it’s important that you keep them maintained.

Have a good clear out
Just as we do when spring cleaning our homes, a clear out is essential before starting any gardening project. For example, get rid of any dead wood, fallen twigs and sticks. If there is anything which doesn’t have a function or contribute to the appearance of your garden, its best to get rid of it. This will free up some much needed space and allow you to use it more effectively.

Clean your patio floor tiles
Patio floor tiles can look shabby if they aren’t maintained.  Sweep or rinse your patio so that any dirt, leaves and debris are removed.  Also keep an eye for any weeds and remove them as you spot them. If you are struggling to remove the smaller weeds from in-between the patio tiles, use a small kitchen knife. To remove them for good, spray weed killer and pour salt between the tiles. If your floor tiles are past it, it might be time to consider new ones. Exterior floor tiles are an attractive alternative to patio flooring. Take a look at Direct Tile Warehouses exterior floor tile range to see some examples.

Utilise lighting
If lighting is used in the right way, it can have a wonderful effect on how your garden looks. Lighting is the best way to create that wow factor and allows you to showcase all of the things that you love about your garden. Lighting doesn’t have to cost the earth, dot a number of spot lights around your flower beds. Or, if you have a pond or water feature, place spot lights around them. Garden lamps are another option; these can be picked up for a relatively low price at most garden centres or home improvement stores.

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