Vegetable Seeds to Plant in April.

Spring has officially sprung and April is the time to get those vegetable seeds in the ground. The traditional April weather, which usually consists of sunny days mixed with heavy rain downpours, is the perfect recipe for successful seed sowing. Here are some of the best vegetables to sow in April.

Peas can be sown directly into the ground, two inches deep and ten inches apart. The shoots should begin to show in around two weeks and when they start growing, you will notice that peas have feelers, which naturally grip as they grow upwards. Garden canes constructed into a simple pyramid or garden netting will provide ideal support. For dwarf peas or beans, small sticks propped up in the soil will do the job just as well. Peas, especially those of the dwarf variety, can be grown in troughs or pots on your patio as well as in the ground.

Tomatoes are ideal for planting in April and the seeds can be sown in small pots to start. Place them in a warm spot such as a kitchen or conservatory and they will appear in as little as two weeks. After around eight weeks they can be carefully transferred to the ground or grow bags where they will be ready to pick from July onwards.

The best way is to plant carrot seeds is to dig neat rows and scatter them in, perhaps with some radish or other root vegetable. One of the points in favour of growing carrots is they do like cool weather, so are best planted a couple of weeks before the last frost. Carrots do fair better in quality moist soil, so it’s worth picking out any stones or foliage. Sand can also be added to added to help drainage.

Lettuces are another seed that is ideally started off in a warm, sunny spot. However, Lettuces don’t like being moved so it’s best to put them straight into the ground and perhaps sheltering under glass. Lettuces are ideal for growing in England, as they prefer cooler climates and fair well in our temperamental weather. Lettuces, cabbages and cauliflowers are all prey to bugs, so a handy tip is to scatter crushed up eggshells over the soil. The eggshells will divert slugs and bugs with their sharp edges and are also an excellent source of calcium for the soil.

Spring onion seeds can be sowed as early as February, but planting in April usually ensures minimal frost damage. Like lettuce, spring onions don’t really like being disturbed so it is best to plant them where they are to remain. Spring onions are a yearlong vegetable, and sowing a row every few weeks will guarantee a crop well into summer and autumn. Spring onion seeds are tiny and black, so an eagle eye is needed for sowing. As they don’t need much room to grow they can also be planted in containers or window boxes.

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