Planning Your Garden and Planting in February is Rewarding

Planning your garden and planting in February can be very rewarding. With spring just around the corner, February gives garden lovers ample time to spend in the garden. There is a lot that you can accomplish this month. I spend a lot of time fixing things around the garden, so the spring brings some wonderful surprises. Wait till the water gets warmer so you can start to sow new seeds.

General Work

It is time to dig the ground and prepare it for sowing. Create any new borders or beds in the garden and double check your greenhouse so it has adequate temperature. Check and fix any broken glass and ensure you clean it out thoroughly before springtime. Next, check all your pots and trays and clean these out so the new seedlings have a good start. I clean out all the water storage barrels, watering cans, pots and seed trays so I am well prepared for spring. With proper care you can keep all your plantations free of pests and diseases.


My best options for sowing are broad beans and peas such as Feltham First and Meteor that I can harvest in May. If the weather is not very cold, I can also sow parsnips. It is also a good time to prepare to sow Jerusalem artichokes and shallots. Cover the shallots with a cloche to keep them warm. Sow lettuce, leeks, onions, peas and broad beans in pots. It is also a good time to chit potatoes by leaving them in trays in light.

Green House

I love the lettuce, rocket and radish I get from my greenhouse. If you are planting outdoors, use cloches so you can have a nice crop. If you like cabbage, turnips and spinach, now is the time to sow them. February is also great for sowing onion seeds. All you need is 15 degree for sowing onions. Check the greenhouse barometer and if you are anywhere near the temperature, go ahead and start sowing. Green house lovers with a heated propagator can start sowing seeds for aubergine and peppers. When the sun is out ventilate the greenhouse. Clean the glass to kills any germs and disease.


You can also start dahlia tubers and lily bulbs into growth. I had good results sowing Lobelia in a heated propagator last year. You can also get early flowers with Antirrhinums (Snapdragons) and Laurentia. Sweet peas are good to sow in a glasshouse, or a cold frame or indoors. Try sowing some Chrysanthemum seeds in the greenhouse for early blooms.

Potato Beds

If you have any potato beds from last year, now is the time to clean these out to prevent disease. Prepare a new potato bed by applying some rotted manure by forking it in. Cover the area with plastic sheeting or fleece to keep it warm.

Ferbruary is all about getting things ready, preparation and in a few cases actually starting the growing! Choose your vegetable seeds and then get outside!

Graeme is writing on behalf of Kings Seeds - Tomato Seeds & Seeds

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