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If you don't have a large garden in which to site a vegetable plot, then raised beds might offer a way to create space to accommodate some home-grown crops for your family. Raised beds can be used to grow vegetables, fruit or flowering plants. They are easy to maintain and should be easy to access as they can be anything up to waist height which will also make them accessible to people with disabilities.
Even in the smallest garden, April is the month when the growing season really begins to gather pace. Flower beds start to fill out with the bushy new shoots of herbaceous plants and leaves once again begin cover the branches of trees. With such fecundity its easy to let things slip out of control in the garden and before you know it you will...
April is the month when the blossom really comes into its own. From the whites and pinks of flowering cherries and fruit trees, to the snowy coverings on hedgerows, all make their mark with a show of colour. The blackbird is singing, the nights are drawing out and the sun is beginning to have some real warmth in its rays. Warm sunny days really...
The introduction of a greenhouse into your garden offers the possibility of year-round gardening for the enthusiast. However, purchasing a greenhouse for the first time is not as straightforward as it may seem. For instance, if you purchase one that does not meet your needs, it may well be impossible to achieve the sort of gardening you are looking for. Therefore, it is always recommended you put some serious thought into what it actually is you want before committing to buying anything. The ten tips below will help guide you towards purchasing a greenhouse that will suit both your garden,…
Spring has officially sprung and April is the time to get those vegetable seeds in the ground The traditional April weather which usually consists of sunny days mixed with heavy rain downpours is the perfect recipe for successful seed sowing Here are some of the best vegetables to sow in April ...
April is a wonderful time in the garden Spring has sprung with daffodils and other bulbs brightening up the outdoors while the weather is getting warmer every day making it the perfect time to crack on with the many outstanding tasks
The benefits of Amaranth and why is should be planted in your garden is as follows: 1. Amaranth is gluten-free and contains many of the same minerals as whole-grain wheat. This makes it a great choice for people who are gluten into
Spring has cautiously arrived, and with it the colours and flowers that make this season such a wonderful time of the year. Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, you’re probably thinking about digging out your gardening tools and spending some time outdoors. But where to start after leaving your garden to its own devices for the whole of winter? We’re here to give you some expert tips on the tasks that you should be prioritising in March, to make the most of this early stage of spring.
Plants are perfect to beautify dull and empty areas of your house. People prefer to grow plants in outdoors as well as indoors of their houses. However, the plants that are planted inside and outside can be very different.
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