Suitable Storage For Garden Equipment Hibernation

Garden storage is essential for the winter months and is the best way to ensure that your tools, gardening equipment and furniture remains well protected until you need it. The UK has faced snow, aggressive downpours and gale force winds within the last couple of weeks, so anything left unprotected is unlikely to survive until spring.

Garden Tool Storage

The obvious garden structure to purchase for tool storage is a shed and it certainly is the most common building used to store garden tools. However, there are alternatives, some of which may be better suited to your garden, particularly if it is small. Deck boxes, cabinets and just general garden storage boxes are a great space-saving alternative to sheds. For keen gardeners, a garden box is a convenient way to store smaller items such as shears and gloves because they can be placed next to flower beds or vegetable patches. This makes your gardening equipment much more accessible. Some boxes also have incorporated seating so can be integrated as a feature while retaining a practical use. Tool racks are another great way to store your garden equipment as they fit comfortably in sheds so can be stored there when not needed. As well as this, they are often on wheels so can easily be moved around the garden when you do need them.

Log Stores

A log store is an essential garden piece for those with a traditional fire place or wood burning stove. Ironically, winter is when we most need to light the fire to warm the house, but it is the one time of year when it is particularly difficult to keep wood dry. A log store is the perfect way to combat this problem and allows you to keep the wood in the garden. Log stores are specifically built to withstand the weight of heavy logs and are usually guaranteed for a number of years against rot if made from wood. Slatted sides provide protection from rain while still allowing air flow through the log pile to dry the wood. This ensures maximum heat output when the wood is on the fire. Lastly, log stores also make an attractive feature so storing them next to the house for convenience will not restrict your view from the house.

Bike Storage

Bicycle sheds, also referred to as cycle sheds, are specifically designed to give you convenient access to your bike. While larger regular garden sheds can store bikes reasonably well, it can be difficult to get the bike out if there are other things being stored around it. That's not to say that you can't store other things in a bike shed too, many certainly have the room, they are just built in a more practical shape with wide doors. Storing your bike indoors in the winter is essential to prevent weather damage and a building in your garden specifically for it offers increased security.

British weather is notoriously unpredictable so it is best to be prepared. Garden tools need protection in the winter and there is inevitably a useful storage solution among the various products available.

Gavin Graham works for Elbec, an online retailer of garden buildings, garden storage and accessories. Elbec offers wooden sheds, metal sheds and bike sheds. From greenhouses to garden log cabins and log stores, Elbec offer garden buildings ranging from the practical to the breathtaking.

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