Garden Sheds for Small, Medium and Large Storage Options

There an extensive range of garden sheds on the market and there are also a range of construction options which may affect the durability of the sheds. This in turn affects the decision you make on choosing the right garden sheds for your garden storage. For example storing the garden broom and children's garden toys is very much different to storing your bicycles or even motorbikes. Each garden storage item requires a different level of construction and size so it is simple and reliable to store in your chosen garden shed.

Garden Storage for your smaller garden items

Smaller garden items may include spades, shovels, garden gloves, watering cans and children's toys. There are different garden storage options for these with the most obvious being any small shed. Generally overlap sheds are suitable for storing these items and equipment as they do not weigh too much and do not need the extra support like larger storage items. You are also able to purchase a smaller shed depending on the number of children's toys!!!!! We know how much of a collection they can create!! A 4 x 4 shed would be a suitable option and you can purchase these cost effectively on the web. There are also metal garden sheds to store all your garden equipment which can be just as effective as wooden sheds. It is simply a preference as to which designs you prefer. There is a long running debate with metal sheds and wooden sheds. The main difference between these is that metal sheds do not come with a floor and can be placed straight on to a base although they do not need seasonal maintenance like wooden sheds do. It is argued that wooden sheds are most popular but metal sheds have been increasing in popularity in recent times. There are other storage sheds which include garden storage chests which can be bought in both wooden and plastic material. There are also drawers for smaller items such as tools if you are looking for specific storage and cabinets that are ideal for offices. Plastic garden sheds can be utilised both indoors and outdoors like the metal rollers which are unique and ideal storage space savers.

Garden sheds able to store your medium garden items

I would class medium garden items and equipment as bicycles, lawn mowers, compost bins and other similar sized pieces of garden equipment. With these items there is a larger importance in the framework and all round strength and stability of the shed. It is important to ensure that the shed will be able to hold the weight of these items especially with floor being one of the main concerns. Whereas an overlap garden shed would have suited storing smaller garden items and equipment a tongue and groove or shiplap cladding is more likely to fit the bill. Although tongue and groove and shiplap claddings are more expensive it is worthwhile investing in these as they are more likely to increase the longevity of your garden shed. There are specific bike sheds and mower sheds which are specifically suited to storing these garden items. Your best options after these if you are maybe looking to store more items so need larger sized sheds would be to view the range of metal and wooden options within the market. As I said in a previous paragraph the differences in these will make your choice as to which one you prefer.

Garden sheds able to store large garden items and equipment.

Larger garden items include motorbikes and if you're lucky enough other large mortised vehicles, maybe you have a quad bike. For these items and equipment it is imperative that the shed you buy is not only strong but highly secure. A recommendation for this would be shiplap or even a Baltic pine and purchasing a small log cabin storage area. Log Cabin pine starts at 28mm thick and is exceptionally robust. The perfect answer to storing large items and equipment like a motorbike. Garden sheds and storage raise many questions but there is always an answer so it is simply searching to find the right shed that suits you and what you are looking to store.

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