Blue roses are odd yet beautiful. Unlike some other roses out there, this type of rose exudes a different kind of beauty that calms and make you wonder at the same time. Now, before you start giving it or you just want to know its significance you've landed on the right article!

Blue roses meaning


 As the color blue speaks for itself, royal blood and majesty are symbolized by blue roses. The feeling of eloquence brought by these make them popular around people with power and position. They are even used at courtyards or in offices thus adding an impression of authority

Complicated beauty

This flower represents that complicated yet alluring beauty which gives a long lasting impact. These can be given to a person with that beauty that is unique and totally extraordinary. It could also mean "I can't get you out of my mind.


They are one of those remarkable flowers because of its uniqueness. While most flowers bring happiness and cheer, this brings some feelings that are quite different and unachievable by other flowers.


That mysterious aura that it brings is different amongst all blue flowers. There is that ambiguous aura which cannot be easily pinpointed or moreover discovered is what blue roses bring. So if you want to enhance the feeling of mystery even at a show or performance, this kind of rose would heighten that mystery and make great audience impact.


A bouquet of blue roses symbolizes endless love therefore they are best for anniversaries or even for one of a kind weddings. These are the perfect choice if you want to truly express to your loved one that your affections are never ending. Its rose petals can even be scattered in the air for a dramatic effect rather than the usual color of red roses.


They symbolize hope. They symbolize achieving the impossible since there is no such thing as natural blue roses. This could also mean hope to gain a love that is unattainable according to Chinese belief. So if you want to express your one sided love, these are recommended.

Despite the sad note that it brings, it is undeniable that they are very beautiful. The mystery and tantalizing beauty that they have are what makes people demand of them more. On the positive note, blue roses symbolize excitement and a sense of newness. In the end it is up to you with how you use the beauty of blue roses.

Rose, as one of the most popular flowers in the world, never fails to captivate us with its timeless beauty and variety of meanings. Learn more about this amazing flower and its different color meanings here at Talk About Roses Jhoan is an experienced Project Manager currently specializing in a wide array of niches related to arts and lifestyle, décor and home management.

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