Best Time to Plant Roses

When is Best Time to Plant Roses?

You must admit that the number one flower type that people adore, love and find very romantics the rose flower. To get a beautiful and healthy rose garden you must know the best time to plant roses in your garden. Selecting the most appropriate time will have a positive effect on the overall outcome of your roses. A rose can be planted any time and it will grow very well. To get the best outcome, just plant your garden in springtime.

Planting after frost

Planting roses after frost will be better because you will be protecting your roses from cold and that will be better for the survival of the grafted ones. This is the first thing you should bear in mind- selecting the best time when your roses will not be affected by frost. People who live in areas with mild winters and spring have more advantage because for them, there will be no fixed time for planting roses. On the other hand, if you want to plant bare rooted roses, the best time is the dormant season. Make sure the ground is not waterlogged or frozen too.

During Warmer Climates

January and the months of February are always warm in many countries of the world. This is the best time to plant roses but if you live in parts of Northeast or Midwest, you will have to wait until early March. Well, in some other areas the best month to plant is May.

This is another way to know the best time to plant roses. That is why you should keep visiting your garden and watch if roses have started coming into the market. The reason behind this theory is that shipment of live flowers should go hand in hand with the planting time. When you buy your rose cuttings, do not take long before planting them. In case the weather is frosty, you should mulch them until the frost disappears.

Planting roses when there is wind is not advisable. In addition, if you want to plant bare root ones, make sure to plant them before roses leaf out.

More Information

If you are still not sure what is the best time to plant roses check out the great resource "yahoo answers".

The best answerer explains that the best time of the year to plant your roses (or any other shrubs) is in autumn. But it should be possible all over the year if you are using container roses.

I just wanted you to show that there are different people with different opinions out there. So you need you own experience!

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