The Wonderful Colours of Roses

The art of understanding flower meanings seems all but lost nowadays, and really, it's just a pity. Whenever you give someone flowers, you shouldn't just go by the looks - all flowers are beautiful! Arguably, some are prettier than other, but in general, too few people understand the subtle refinement that goes with flower giving.

Take roses, for example; they're among the "simplest" flowers to figure out. Roses mean love, right? Just give someone you love some roses, and you're off the hook... oh boy, if this is how you're thinking, have a seat and start noting.

Red roses do symbolize love; passionate, intense, burning love. Give someone a red rose, or even better, a bouquet of red roses, and they'll get the idea. But what if you want to give a slightly different touch? What if you want to express something a little different?

Well, if you have no romantic interest, yellow roses are the best way. If someone gives you yellow roses, don't misunderstand their intentions! It means friendship and caring, but in a platonioc way. If you want to go the whole nine yards, and go for something really sublte (if this fits your situation), you can go yellow roses with red tips - this is the perfect way for letting one of your friends know you're falling for her (or him, why not?).

White roses, as you could guess, symbolize purity. White roses, by definition, mean a pure love, but they can also mean "I am worthy of you" and "I respect you". It is definitely the type of flower you want to bring when meeting the parents.

Pink roses are a symbol of graciousness and admiration, but also of happiness and sweetness. Usually the type of flowers you want to give after a great artistic performance. Peach orange roses on the other hand symbolize a fiery blaze of passion and energy; not quite as deep as red roses, orange roses tell someone you desperately want them, but don't just love them.

Purple roses... ah! This is where it gets special. Purple is definitely a special colour, especially when it comes to roses. Purple roses stand for all things royal, majestic. If you were, say, by any chance, going to a royal event, the flowers you want to give are purple roses - no questions asked. It also symbolizes protection.

So there you go, these are the basic natural colours roses come in; did you know just this single flower can suggest so many things? If you learned something from this, be sure to stay tuned for more articles on even more interesting flowers - I'll post them in a few days.

What's your favorite? If you ask me, the most distinguished feeling comes from the purple roses... there's just something extremely special about them. I've seen a wedding bouquet with white and purple roses and since then, I've just fallen in love.

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